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Earlier this morning, while casually scrolling the Better Marketing feed, an article caught my attention.

It was an article by Alice Vuong titled “Fiat Sent 50,000 Disturbing (and Sexist) Love Letters to Women in Spain”.

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It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. I had no scheduled appointments and was sitting in my office casually browsing social media. It was then that my assistant called up, informing me that someone had come to see me. He said he appeared to be nervous, and in a haste.

“Hi, I am Rohan!”, he introduced himself as I offered him to sit.

“How can I help you?” I asked him curiously and was surprised at his answer. It was an unusual query, something that was thought-provoking and challenging.

“Doctor, I want to lose weight scientifically, but I don’t want that…

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Its the Day 6, and a Saturday too.

The day was great, like the earlier ones. Been working on increasing the water intake daily.

Also a little dilemmatic as to which new habits should I pick up this Monday onwards.

Planning to pick up — Increasing water intake (up to 5 litres daily) and Strength training 20 mins daily into my habits list!

This journey is going to get tougher week by week, but I am determined to overcome everything using my new-found weapon- Small Daily Rituals!

Wish me luck!

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“I fear not the man who has practised 10000 kicks once. I fear the man who has practised 1 kick 10000 times.” — Bruce Lee

As the days are passing, my confidence is growing. I am getting stronger and more unstoppable. No, it isn’t because I am moving towards my goals. Its because my approach is more realistic than before.

When I first came across this concept of “small daily improvement”, “daily 5-minute actions” I literally laughed at them.

“What can someone accomplish something by doing 5 minutes of action a day?”, I said to myself, amused.

I had a…

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Its Day 4 and I am getting better. What a feeling! No cravings, No wants, No irritating moods.

Morning brisk walk followed by on-point meals. Enough water and some caffeine (actually, a lot of caffeine). I will get this sorted in the coming weeks though!

I am going through my rituals pretty well, with no interruption in my work. Work has been keeping me busy and I am able to perform well without any dips in energy levels.

Actually, I am taking a good amount of protein and micronutrients (thanks to Herbalife Nutrition). …

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You might have noticed that I have already started working on myself.

My goal is to be leaner by 8 Kgs in the next 6 months. This is achievable and sustainable.

Also, I am documenting my journey, something which I couldn’t do when I lost weight earlier (in 2015). I am also going to share a lot of contextually relevant, useful information for your fitness.

Week 1 (Day 1 and 2)

I am working on one or two habits per week. Starting small and slowly building the momentum.


  1. Eliminated added sugar and deep-fried foods in the diet.
  2. Started brisk-walking for 30 minutes.


Summary of Day 3 of my Weight Loss Journey

Done with Day 3 yesterday and I am feeling on top of this world.

I am already at 85 (started at 88.1 Kgs). Weighing myself daily the first thing in the morning just to signal my brain to be aligned with my fitness goal. I will gradually make it more standardised (same clothing, empty stomach, first thing in the morning).

My small daily rituals are working and as of now this process seems to be effortless (but not actionless).

I had promised myself that if I follow the plan for Monday and tuesday, I will give myself a small reward on wednesday. Since I don’t…

Healthy Dessert Recipe

👨🏻‍💻 Someone asked me, what’s the hack for satisfying my sweet craving without “a lot of harm”… something like the “minimally invasive concepts”.

💡I realised this to be a practical and easy to follow recipe!

🍦A comparatively healthier option to satisfy the craving for desserts.⁣

🍦And why just satisfy your cravings? Whenever you got guests at home, you can also serve them this delicious ice cream which is free from un-needed added sugar, preservatives, cream or oil, and many kinds of hidden substances.⁣

🥜 PS: Use natural peanut butter (a product which doesn’t have added sugar besides the naturally sweet…

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A Technophile under a Dentist’s Skin. Enthusiastic about anything wellness, positivity, better habits, marketing and writing!

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