The Power of Starting Small: My Weight Loss Journey (Day 3)

Dr Vaibhav Bharadwaj
3 min readJan 21, 2021

Summary of Day 3 of my Weight Loss Journey

Done with Day 3 yesterday and I am feeling on top of this world.

I am already at 85 (started at 88.1 Kgs). Weighing myself daily the first thing in the morning just to signal my brain to be aligned with my fitness goal. I will gradually make it more standardised (same clothing, empty stomach, first thing in the morning).

My small daily rituals are working and as of now this process seems to be effortless (but not actionless).

I had promised myself that if I follow the plan for Monday and tuesday, I will give myself a small reward on wednesday. Since I don’t feel like I am currently “pushing myself”, I decided to postpone my reward! Cool, isn’t it?

Later, when things become more of a chore (if they do), then I will increase the frequency of the rewards. Right now, the process itself feels like a celebration. I am losing weight, picking up better habits, and developing more confidence.. Can’t ask for anything more!

Today’s Victory

Had a guest at home who was served cookies and some other dessert. Didn’t feel even a bit to pick it up (surprise!)

Today’s Lesson

I have a home gym and I wish to resume working out from the coming monday. I had planned to visit the place, organise and clean it up. It was just in my mind, I hadn’t written it down.

Ended up not doing it. The learning is if we make time for something; it gets done. If we don’t; it doesn’t. Want to do something with predictability? Schedule it on paper; or get pulled/pushed by “life”.

The Power of Starting Small

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

I thought I have a chronic disease. I plan something excitedly, start doing it and within a few days the excitement is gone. I also noticed a pattern… the faster it got difficult, the earlier the excitement vanished.

I know for sure that this isn’t a disease, but a commonality today.

If you see yourselves doing similar things then you need to know that it isn’t something that’s wrong with you. It’s something wrong with your system. Rather, something wrong with the way you deal with things.

The power of starting small is the cure for this disease.

However big the goal is… break it down into smaller chunks (daily rituals).. Focus on doing things daily, being consistent and making progress (not perfection).

Want to read a full class? Thinking about reading 10 pages a day? Start with 1 page a day first.

Want to lose weight? Thinking about HIIT for 1 hour a day? Start with 10 mins a day first.

Small habits are easier to do, bring you confidence, train your subconscious mind and set you on a pedestal for success. Small habits done daily start compounding into big gains over time.

My daily goals are a result of this powerful law. My goal is to lose weight but my focus isn’t. My focus is to commit and do small and simple things daily.

Short intro for the first timers

I am Vaibhav and I am documenting my journey of fitness transformation. Goal is to get leaner by 10 Kgs by June 2021. I document my challenges and victories, while sharing valuable fitness advice (contextually relevant).

If you wish to see what goes in and out of my journey, feel free to follow me here. Thank you for reading till this point.

God bless!



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